Sunday, 17 November 2013

So wrong, it's right.

Firstly,  sorry I said i will be posting more often. Uni work has slightly taken over at the moment. But in other news, I've been swooning over cat related clothing and accessories since my cat died. And basically wishing I was a billionaire. That way I could buy everything thing thats adorned with felines, and jewellery clad with rough cut crystals.  But we can all dream, right? 

So I bring you kitty psychedelia - cats, crazy colours, prisms, x-ray skirts and mixing silver with gold.  Which I think is so wrong,  it's right. 

Things im loving right now: Ciate chalkboard manicure,  emerald suede pants (because there SO unsuitable for winter) , Big ass boots, florentines from Martins and the Christmas markets, of course. 
Coat: Hobbs
Mens T-shirt: The Quiet Life
Necklace: RegalRose
Earrings: RegalRose
Lipstick: Aerin
Nail Varnish: Ciate

What do you think of my kitty psychedelia outfit?  
Let me know!