Friday, 7 February 2014

A design fueled trip to Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam a while back and never got a chance to share them, so here they are. I mainly looked at crazy architecture, crazier graffiti and ate sugared delights. The city has a lovely atmosphere and the country itself is a visual overload I find it breathtaking, its definitely worth a trip if you haven't been. I already want to go again there is so much to see.

3 top places in Amsterdam,  according to me.

1. The supermarket - its seems strange but I love going to foreign food shops to see what different food they have. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but they had some awesome sweet sprinkles -for toast! 

2. Food stalls - there were loads of little stalls all around the city and it was way cheaper than sitting down to eat somewhere, and you get to sample a bigger range of food.

3. The sex museum - this is the most surreal museum I have ever been to, definitely something you wont find anywhere else in the world. I pretty much laughed my way through the entire place! 

This shop is my dream come true - colour/stationary overload! 
And if for some mad reason you dont want to sample lovely Netherland sweets, you can buy some generic obscenely priced american sweets instead and fill your belly full of E numbers instead of tasty kirsch cream and waffles.
I had never seen houses like these until i came here and i was just speechless, every street should look this in my opinion. My future dream house would almost certainly be based on these unusual buildings.