Sunday, 17 November 2013

So wrong, it's right.

Firstly,  sorry I said i will be posting more often. Uni work has slightly taken over at the moment. But in other news, I've been swooning over cat related clothing and accessories since my cat died. And basically wishing I was a billionaire. That way I could buy everything thing thats adorned with felines, and jewellery clad with rough cut crystals.  But we can all dream, right? 

So I bring you kitty psychedelia - cats, crazy colours, prisms, x-ray skirts and mixing silver with gold.  Which I think is so wrong,  it's right. 

Things im loving right now: Ciate chalkboard manicure,  emerald suede pants (because there SO unsuitable for winter) , Big ass boots, florentines from Martins and the Christmas markets, of course. 
Coat: Hobbs
Mens T-shirt: The Quiet Life
Necklace: RegalRose
Earrings: RegalRose
Lipstick: Aerin
Nail Varnish: Ciate

What do you think of my kitty psychedelia outfit?  
Let me know!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Haloween lacquer

Reminiscing about the days I spent trekking all over Manchester, trick or treating and getting shed loads of candy makes me smile from ear to ear. So to celebrate Halloween,  I took an adult approach and did my nails instead. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Work hard play HARDER

Been pretty busy at the moment juggling 5 assignments, so I feel like a very nerdy clown at the moment. And I've come to the realisation that MAYBE it wasn't the best idea of mine to start a blog when im trying to complete my final year at uni. I feel a tad like Ruby from the grat British bake off, except im not studying philosophy and im not baking avidly.  But in a way its nice to be busy with loads of things, that way I don't have time to ponder and procrastinate. 

But I have to admit working really hard and seeing time FLY before my eyes has made me more aware of how much time I wasted in the the past. So, im going to start posting more often - dare I say once a week!! 

In other news: Still feel like rocking skirts cause I literally don't care how cold it is. And i felt like wearing my Mums vintage jacket because I was kinda feeling the tacky gold chain vibe. And what can be more eye watering than pairing it with a leopard print top? Overall I felt pretty 90's / Lilly Allen - esque chic 

Shoes - Nike
Skirt - Zara
Jacket  - vintage Jacques Vert
Top - Junk (manchester) 

So how is everyone finding the 90's vibe trend in the shops? Like, no like? 
Comment and let me know!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cold but don't care

If you're reading this from the UK then im sure you aware the weathers turned awful over the past few days. And maybe walking around Manchester on Thursday with a short pleather skirt for Vogues fashion night out, WASNT the brightest idea I had this week. (Along with drinking too much and binging on sushi). So I decided to dress up like it's still summer, well kind of. That is a jumper in the top right corner BUT it is a really wide knit so its practicality a boob tube.

In other news. .

Things I love right now: Halloween, gogglebox, healthy smoothies, the new syle Louis Vuitton style handbags, eggs benidict,  leopard print, ridiculously over sized sack dresses, and pretending its still summer

Things I hate: being hungover, the rain, unfair people, shiny plastic coats (sorry!) And finally halogen ovens (mine just blew up!). 

What is everyone else loving or hating now the colds setting in?  Comment below and let me know! 

Skirt: Zara
Jumper: M&S
Fur waistcoat/gilet: Topshop
Shoes: Primark (with the bows sawn off!!)
Tights: I literally cant remember 

Zabrina x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nexgen nails glitter-fied

Its that time of the year again where the colds trying to set it. Which means its the perfect weather for me to go outside in the morning, to get GTA 5 for my other half. Not. But as a reward for undertaking this morning mission I decided to treat myself to a new set of nails. FINALLY!

Now, I did some research on Nexgen nails when i saw the leaflet. Strong nails which allow your natural nails to grow and become stronger. Whilst maintaining a forever shine. Yes, I have to admit I thought this was a joke, until I looked and found their website.  New to the UK, only a few nail places stock this at the moment, but im sure that won't last long.

The overall process was really easy and relaxing and not as eyebrow raising as getting standard acrylics. Plus there was no overwhelming chemical smell. And walking out with all your senses intact is allways a plus right?

I was really impressed by the results,  my nails are super shiny and have this beautiful nude shimmer and irredesence to them. Not wanting to paint over the natural beauty of the nails I decided on using some glitters to complement them instead.  I raided my make-up box for evey holographic,  silvery,  sparkly shade I owned and got glitter-ing

The final result was an eye watering set of digits that I cant take my eyes off!

Ill update soon to let you know how they grow and if they're any better than acrylics. 

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Leather goodness

So yesterday was eventful for me, after having  some tasty waffles at Juniper I decided to pop over to Fred's to have a look at their new collection.  I much prefer shopping locally to help improve our own economy,  especially if its in a place you love and want to see grow.  Fred's allways has an impeccably tidy shop and the windows all ways change to keep you interested, the colour coordination VM just helps so much , you never feel over whelmed ,looking in all directions deciding what to look at first!

This beautifully embroidered leather skirt caught my attention almost immediately,  the zip detail was quirky and just screamed ' please buy me, I know im a skirt and its nearly winter but I promise I'll keep you warm' The skirts voice was just so cute and squeaky I couldnt leave it behind (and my lovely other half bought it for me). And call me stupid,  but I really think tights and a skirt keeps you warmer and dryer than wearing trousers and leggings.... please tell me im not the only one that think this?!

Leather peices are definitely popping up all over the catwalk this autumn. Prada (glossy and bright), Mulberry,  Chanel (short shiny and pleated) and Hermes (ankle length) are all sporting this ongoing trend from last year. And for a good reason too - its timeless and wearable through day till night.

So what do you think? Comment and let me know :)  have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A little bit of what I love

Now my blog is up and running its about time I told you a little bit about me, and what I love. I've always been worried about describing myself because I don't like to put myself in categories as my interests are quite varied and I'm always learning more and finding new things in life than can change me as a person.

So I'm a twenty something 'International Fashion Marketing' student in Manchester doing my final year in university. Originally I had plans to become an architect but I found it was more of a passion instead of a career. Since fashion was always something I enjoyed and could never get bored of, it seemed like the right path. 

My first love was Chanel. like a lots of girls I'm sure! But it wasn't till I was 13 and looking at one of my best friends Japanese fashion magazines, and I saw all these unusual cuts and designs which were sculpted and constructed impeccably. It was like architectural fashion, and I fell in love.

Now I love all sorts and literally i mean all sorts, I think I can appreciate a wide range of fashion, and I love all sorts of shops and music and I have so many interests so hopefully in time I can show you them 

But something I couldn't live without, which I use for instant inspiration is my Vouges. I cant live without them. Brilliant for reference or to look for some ideas or a product that I swore I wouldybuy once I had the money. And stuff that I wish I could own. The collection may not be very big and impressive,  but its helped me so much over the years definitely worth starting if you love fashion!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Toast is comforting, satisfying and always picks you up. Which is what I needed when I decided today was the day i'm going to start my blog. I thought to myself, I'm going to stop procrastinating and get out there and just start typing.

Starting with the first thing I had in my hand (toast) and the closest thing next to me (glitter), I went on a magical journey. Creating something beautiful.  But, unfortunately inedible. If only I had edible glitter!

It took me a few shots, but i finally got my perfect shot. and with a bit of jazzing up on my tablet version of Photoshop, i got this.

So that was how i stumbled across/ made my logo. And this is my Blog. Taking something ordinary and making it into something unique, a bit like glitter on toast. Inspired by fashion, which sometimes takes a different route.