Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Work hard play HARDER

Been pretty busy at the moment juggling 5 assignments, so I feel like a very nerdy clown at the moment. And I've come to the realisation that MAYBE it wasn't the best idea of mine to start a blog when im trying to complete my final year at uni. I feel a tad like Ruby from the grat British bake off, except im not studying philosophy and im not baking avidly.  But in a way its nice to be busy with loads of things, that way I don't have time to ponder and procrastinate. 

But I have to admit working really hard and seeing time FLY before my eyes has made me more aware of how much time I wasted in the the past. So, im going to start posting more often - dare I say once a week!! 

In other news: Still feel like rocking skirts cause I literally don't care how cold it is. And i felt like wearing my Mums vintage jacket because I was kinda feeling the tacky gold chain vibe. And what can be more eye watering than pairing it with a leopard print top? Overall I felt pretty 90's / Lilly Allen - esque chic 

Shoes - Nike
Skirt - Zara
Jacket  - vintage Jacques Vert
Top - Junk (manchester) 

So how is everyone finding the 90's vibe trend in the shops? Like, no like? 
Comment and let me know!

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