Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Toast is comforting, satisfying and always picks you up. Which is what I needed when I decided today was the day i'm going to start my blog. I thought to myself, I'm going to stop procrastinating and get out there and just start typing.

Starting with the first thing I had in my hand (toast) and the closest thing next to me (glitter), I went on a magical journey. Creating something beautiful.  But, unfortunately inedible. If only I had edible glitter!

It took me a few shots, but i finally got my perfect shot. and with a bit of jazzing up on my tablet version of Photoshop, i got this.

So that was how i stumbled across/ made my logo. And this is my Blog. Taking something ordinary and making it into something unique, a bit like glitter on toast. Inspired by fashion, which sometimes takes a different route. 

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