Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A little bit of what I love

Now my blog is up and running its about time I told you a little bit about me, and what I love. I've always been worried about describing myself because I don't like to put myself in categories as my interests are quite varied and I'm always learning more and finding new things in life than can change me as a person.

So I'm a twenty something 'International Fashion Marketing' student in Manchester doing my final year in university. Originally I had plans to become an architect but I found it was more of a passion instead of a career. Since fashion was always something I enjoyed and could never get bored of, it seemed like the right path. 

My first love was Chanel. like a lots of girls I'm sure! But it wasn't till I was 13 and looking at one of my best friends Japanese fashion magazines, and I saw all these unusual cuts and designs which were sculpted and constructed impeccably. It was like architectural fashion, and I fell in love.

Now I love all sorts and literally i mean all sorts, I think I can appreciate a wide range of fashion, and I love all sorts of shops and music and I have so many interests so hopefully in time I can show you them 

But something I couldn't live without, which I use for instant inspiration is my Vouges. I cant live without them. Brilliant for reference or to look for some ideas or a product that I swore I wouldybuy once I had the money. And stuff that I wish I could own. The collection may not be very big and impressive,  but its helped me so much over the years definitely worth starting if you love fashion!

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