Sunday, 15 September 2013

Leather goodness

So yesterday was eventful for me, after having  some tasty waffles at Juniper I decided to pop over to Fred's to have a look at their new collection.  I much prefer shopping locally to help improve our own economy,  especially if its in a place you love and want to see grow.  Fred's allways has an impeccably tidy shop and the windows all ways change to keep you interested, the colour coordination VM just helps so much , you never feel over whelmed ,looking in all directions deciding what to look at first!

This beautifully embroidered leather skirt caught my attention almost immediately,  the zip detail was quirky and just screamed ' please buy me, I know im a skirt and its nearly winter but I promise I'll keep you warm' The skirts voice was just so cute and squeaky I couldnt leave it behind (and my lovely other half bought it for me). And call me stupid,  but I really think tights and a skirt keeps you warmer and dryer than wearing trousers and leggings.... please tell me im not the only one that think this?!

Leather peices are definitely popping up all over the catwalk this autumn. Prada (glossy and bright), Mulberry,  Chanel (short shiny and pleated) and Hermes (ankle length) are all sporting this ongoing trend from last year. And for a good reason too - its timeless and wearable through day till night.

So what do you think? Comment and let me know :)  have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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